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I have completed over 50 projects since I started programming in 2000. The projects listed below highlight the different technology stacks and platforms that I worked with recently.

These include:

The services provided to the clients for each project can be found below the project title as well as my role(s) in the project. Projects are sorted by significance.


Vodafone 4G Marketing Campaign (2016) Artificial Intelligence Solution, Web App, Backend, Hosting Solution Architect, Lead Developer, Sys Admin
  • Uses Deep Learning to process user uploads and create artistic renders according to the marketing campaign strategy
  • Designed to handle large amounts of data using a queue system. Ended up processing over 100,000 uploads
  • Provides an HTML5 canvas, layer based photo editor to allow users to make changes to their generated photos
  • I soloed the technical part of the project from planning to production
Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning C++ SQLite PHP Python CAFFE jQuery HTML5 Canvas Linux cron Bash ImageMagick Digital Ocean
Samsung MOE Guide (2018) Mobile App, Backend, CMS, Hosting Solution Architect, Backend Developer, Sys Admin
  • Provides support resources for over 1.6 million students
  • Allows creating and serving content in multiple languages (English, Arabic)
  • Serves content based on user location from AWS CloudFront
  • Processes complex Excel sheets to extract and import data into the backend
  • The project was a major contributor to standardizing all following backend projects produced at the company
PHP MySQL Laravel Laravel Nova Linux AWS Laravel Forge NGINX HTTP Load Balancing S3
Premium Card (2018) Full Online Presence: Mobile Apps, Backend, CMS, Hosting, Website Tech Lead, Solution Architect, Backend Developer, Frontend Maintainer, Sys Admin
  • Responsive interactive SPA website
  • Serving over 100,000 registered customers
  • Secure communication with on-premise server using X.509 authentication
  • 99.99% uptime with monitoring and automated backups
PHP MySQL Laravel Laravel Voyager Vue.js Tailwind CSS OneSignal Linux Digital Ocean AWS
Tambe (2017) Experimental Augmented Reality App R&D, Unity Developer
  • Foot size measurement using unique and creative process with high accuracy
  • Augmented Reality experience to preview shoes on your feet
  • Developed a testing environment for modelling
C# Vuforia Unity iOS Android Augmented Reality
Merck Group Quiz Application (2017) Mobile Applications, Backend, CMS, Hosting Android Developer
  • Provided localized timed quizzes to employees in multiple countries
  • Display real-time results & statistics across divisions
  • Shuffled MCQ questions & answers per user
  • Customized app theme based on user division
Android Java Picasso MPAndroidChart Retrofit Moshi Data Binding SSL Pinning
Freelancing: Task Automation (2011~2016) WordPress Plugins, Desktop Applications, Python Scripts
  • Scraping websites with various levels of protection systems
  • Automation of posting content scraped from external sources
  • Desktop apps that automate the download, patch and upload processes
  • Semi-automated tool for fixing huge databases with content errors
WordPress Plugins Scripting Automation Scraping Python Windows Forms C# .NET
Dental Tech Lab Management System (2016) Desktop Application Solo Developer
  • Customized interface with tooth selection, special prices for doctors for different materials
  • Receipt generation and management
  • Import data from legacy system
  • Support for remote updates with hash based verification and automatic rollback on failure
  • Automatic backup to Google Drive
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS)
Python wxWidgets SQLite